Core Audience Who's Aloa for?

basically any busy professional

  • Small and Medium sized Enterprises: ranging from technical professions to (web)shops, lawyers or doctors.
  • Professionals on whatever position that have a lot of client contacts, in any kind of company.
  • C level executives, with or without secretary, because often those can’t be forwarded mobile calls.
  1. Anytime - Anywhere You activate the app whenever you want to and boom - your calls are forwarded!
  2. Answering however you want to You decide how your Personal Assistant should answer your calls – in your name: ‘personal assistant of mr X speaking’, in the name of your company ‘Company Y, how may I help you?’
  3. Professionalism Calls are dealt with professionally: the caller will be asked certain questions, like the reason of the call, contact information and a moment when he or she is available to be called back.
  4. Reporting Reporting: within a minute after the call, the Aloa client will receive a summary in the of what the call was about in the app– then he can decide to deal with it in whichever way he/she sees fit.

Testimonials Customer reviews

  • Bart, 29 Plumber ‘I activate Aloa each time I’m seeing clients. That way I don’t miss any calls from potential customers that would just dial the next plumber in the phonebook whenever I don’t pick up.’
  • Charlotte, 36 Lawyer ‘My job was very demanding the last couple of years: often I received calls after hours, keeping me busy until late at night. Luckily, Aloa allows me to take some time for myself now: from 6 PM onwards I forward my calls to my PA at Aloa, so I can spend my evening however I want to. The next morning I get back to my contacts and all is fine!’
  • Frank, 45 Consultant ‘I have meetings very often and until some time ago I was in a dilemma every time I got a call: should I pick this one up and be rude to the person I’m having a meeting with, or refuse it and potentially lose a commercial opportunity? Now I simply activate Aloa and I don’t have to make that choice anymore: I know my calls are dealt with professionally. Such a relief!’

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